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"One of the best things we've done is bring in Stock & Option Solutions to help us administer our equity."

- Regulus Therapeutics

What Our Clients Say

In 23-years we've helped over 1,000 clients manage their equity plans.

“SOS has been extremely responsive and flexible in helping us through a fairly complex set of circumstances in only the 2nd quarter of our relationship. It has been a great pleasure working with them!”


“We love our SOS point of contact. He is extremely proactive and understands our plans and how they historically operate.”


“We were in an urgent need of a complex equity compensation expense calculation and SOS responded immediately to our call. The contract was signed and work began within days – before another vendor even returned our initial call. The final product was delivered with time to spare and our finance team was extremely impressed with the depth of knowledge the SOS team members have and their commitment to excellence.”


“SOS not only has an understanding of the administrative side of our equity system, but also the financial reporting side. What I believe is most valuable about their service is not only how to resolve a problem, but understanding what are the other implications that could result once changes are made.


“It was so nice to have been able to outsource this task. In a previous job we were doing it in-house, by mail – ugh! The 6039 team was helpful at every stage and produced a great statement. Thank you so much for your great work!”


“The SOS team worked late into the night to help us get a project completed. I know there was a series of roadblocks along the way, so I appreciate their diligence and patience while assisting me with this job. They are awesome!”


“As a one-person, in-house equity team, partnering with the Stock & Option Solutions team gives me peace of mind every day. The team is always there proactively, as back up, jumps in when needed, and provides quality work. It is great to have someone who has my similar work style to bounce thoughts and ideas off of and to be able to count on as a double check. The team at Stock & Option Solutions is dedicated, responsive, and always has my back!


“You seemed to know what you were doing. You were the expert in the room!”


“I really appreciate all the support and good work the Stock & Option Solutions team has provided us. One of the best things we’ve done is bring in Stock & Option Solutions to help us administer our equity.”


“Partnering with the team at Stock & Option Solutions gave us the opportunity to work with an equity plan expert who is high performing, contributes an extreme amount of value, has a mature skillset and has a step-up & step-in attitude. Our team is grateful for them driving us toward success and peace of mind.”


“From initial contact to IRS filing, the process was simple and seamless.”


“The team at Stock & Option Solutions always goes the extra mile and even when our requests require a quick turnaround, the team responds rapidly and makes sure we get what we need quickly. We have peace of mind that the management of our stock plans is in excellent hands and for that, we’re very grateful.”


“The Stock Plan Outsourcing Team at Stock & Option Solutions did a phenomenal job providing us the support we needed during a very tough time. With multiple transactions, ESPPs, grants etc. to tend to, the team took it all in stride and were fantastic partners during this busy time.”


“It was an absolute pleasure working with the Stock & Option Solutions Team on this project.”


“The team was so responsive and helpful and expediated our process to meet the deadline.”


The service has been outstanding…we love our account manager!”


“We’ve partnered with SOS for over a decade and they’ve been a great partner to us, always providing us with customized solutions to meet our needs. Our customer service reps have and remain top quality people committed to providing us best in class service and support. We consider ourselves fortunate to have SOS as a valued partner.”


“Stock & Option Solutions did a great job communicating progress and deadlines throughout the 6039 project.”


“A big thank you to the team at Stock & Option Solutions for being so helpful during the transition from spreadsheets to the E*TRADE Online equity platform. Setting up our data, plans, and participants correctly was key and everything was done in a timely manner. Terrific work!”