Giddyup! The 24th Annual NASPP Conference and Exhibition in Houston is Next Month!

Howdy Cowpokes! We here at the SOS stock administration corral are excited about the upcoming 24th Annual NASPP Conference in Houston. The conference promises to be a lively one with plenty of grizzled veterans speaking about today's hottest topics. Gather round the campfire, kick off your boots and sit a spell with SOS' own to hear their stories:

In "Hire Power: Managers Reveal their Hiring Secrets", Andrea Best will share how to lasso great candidates in the industry and herd them into your organization.

Tonya Epps and her posse spill the beans on employee stock purchase plans in "Stock Purchase Sleuths: ESPP Insiders on Design".

Get those wagons rolling and see you in Houston! YeeHaw!

Speaking the Same Language

We all understand that companies hire consultants because they don't have in-house expertise to do the job at hand. Right? So why is it that sometimes consultants come in and start talking about the job at hand in a technical way that no one understands? If you're the client, you end up more frustrated than ever. And if you're the consultant, you'll end up being labeled as a bad communicator at the least and never asked back at the worst.

But what if the job at hand is hugely technical? Like equity compensation for instance? Yes, I understand the temptation to speak in acronyms like ISO, RSU and PSU, and ASC and GAAP, but what if your client doesn't even understand the basics?

Have I got a resource for you! Last year I started a blog for my favorite audience – executive administrators and other folk who get equity compensation plans and spreadsheets plopped into their laps without a clue what to do with them. It's an Equity Comp 101 type of blog and it turns out that some of my most appreciative readers are actually in the equity compensation industry! Yep, just like the administrative folks I love to talk with, the back office folks at equity comp consulting firms and service providers who keep our businesses running often have a generally shallow understanding of what it is we consultants do for our clients.

So if you're challenged in explaining the basics to your clients (or potential clients or co-workers or family), here are some short and informative blogs on Equity Comp 101 topics:

Admin Super Powers! debut blog. An intro to equity compensation and a discussion of options and exercise price.

Admin Super Powers! Part 2 – Vesting. A discussion on the elements of a vesting schedule and common types of vesting schedules.

Admin Super Powers! Part 3 – Leaving. A discussion on employee terminations and leaves of absence with examples of post-termination exercise periods.

Admin Super Powers! Part 4 - Exercise or Forfeit. What to expect when tax-qualified options and non-qualified options are exercised, and what happens to forfeit awards.

Admin Super Powers! Part 5 – Connections. Key questions to ask to identify important stakeholders in your administration process.

Admin Super Powers! Part 6 - Playing Well with Others. Who to include in your stakeholder support group and what to expect from each member.

Admin Super Powers! Part 7 – The Right Equipment for the Job. How to select the best plan administration technology for your company's needs.

Admin Super Powers! Part 8 – Are You Ready for the Major Leagues? Deciding what's best for your company - keep administration in-house, hire a consultant, or outsource.

Admin Super Powers! Part 9 - The Real Scoop. Communicating equity compensation awards and value to your employees and award recipients.

Admin Super Powers! Part 10 – Getting Ready for Big Things. Preparing your equity compensation database and records for a corporate transaction and the elements and process of a cap table audit.

Blog Series: "Admin Super Powers!"

Achaessa James, CEP / PMC
Equity Compensation Consultant, III
Stock & Option Solutions, Inc.
P: 323.606.8060
F: 408.979.8707

Across Our Desk

Dan Walter on Evolving Equity Like It's a Flying Machine.

The End of Equity Compensation Plan Disclosure? Ed Hauder on same.

New regulations on 83(b) elections.

NYSE clarifies that an amendment to allow the maximum tax withholding is not a material amendment. More here.

Corey Rosen of the NCEO writes about key recent legal decisions involving employee stock plans.

In her "Admin Super Powers" blog, Achaessa James tells tales of stock plan administration gone awry (and other fantastic stories every month). Subscribe today.

Speaking of blogs, Elizabeth Dodge has resurrected hers. Guaranteed to perfectly balance geeky and entertaining. She covers the venerable flux analysis here and here.

NEW! SOS ESPP Expensing Edge. Throw away the spreadsheets, and let our expertise and technology take care of it for you.

Product Spotlight: 6039 Services and Solutions

Let SOS simplify your life this 6039 season with printing and mailing of your participant statements and the electronic filing.

Section 6039 of the Internal Revenue Code requires companies to provide participants with Form 3921 for all Incentive Stock Option (ISO) exercises and Form 3922 upon the first transfer of legal title of shares acquired pursuant to an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP). Additionally, companies must also file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Like any IRS filing, rules change and timelines are strict with penalties for lateness and inaccuracy.

SOS can provide you a host of services and solutions for your 6039 needs which include:

Even the smallest number of transactions can require significant time to prepare and file. Why not let SOS show you how we can make that process easier for you saving you both cost and time.

Aspirations Fling with Certent-September 29, 2016 11:30am-2pm

Topic: Equity Plan Design & Vendor Selection

You won't want to miss this luncheon in Palo Alto.

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SOS Educational Webcast -
Death & Divorce: Don't Let These "Taxing" Events Take Their Toll On You

November 3, 2016 11am PT


Everyday administration is hard enough but are there other "taxing" events on your plate? Employees divorcing? Seeing a spike in employee deaths? What documents do you need to ensure that the transactions are processed properly and how do these events affect taxation? As employee populations age, these transactions pop up more and more often. Don't be caught unprepared! Our expert panel will share tips on the proper taxation of equity transactions related to estates and non-employee former spouses (NEFS).



(One hour of Certified Equity Professional continuing education credit is available for attending. See the CEPI website for more information on CEP continuing education requirements.)

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SOS Solutions Webcast - Your 6039 Dream Team

October 13, 2016 11am PT


Yearend is a hectic season for any stock administrator and 6039 compliance reporting is likely just one more thing to juggle on your long list of things to do. Let our team of 6039 experts walk you through how to make 6039 reporting a slam dunk. In this webcast our all-star team will provide a play-by-play of the 6039 requirements and regulations, penalties for not playing, and how our unrivaled SOS solutions can tackle every aspect of 6039 reporting from auditing your data to mailing and filing your participant statements.



(As this is a webcast dealing with SOS products and services, NO continuing education credit is available for attending.)

SOS Xposé

...tender tidbits about people and players in our industry...

SOS is mentioned in The Wall Street Journal... SOS's Sorrell Johnson is quoted in the Wall Street Journal's article, Companies Move to Reprice Employees' Stock Options.

Sipping coffee from a new mug... Aimee Serna is now with Juniper Networks as a Senior Stock Plan Administrator. Veena Bhatia is now the Associate Director, Equity Administration for Medivation. Andy Brown is a Senior Stock Administrator for Extreme Networks. After many years of service to the CEP Institute, Toni Santillan has moved to a new role at Santa Clara University as Program Director of the CAAP Program (Certificate of Advanced Accounting Proficiency). Melissa Sims has moved to the CEP Institute as Program Director. Melissa is excited to be a part of the Institute. You can reach her at, or, or by phone at (408) 554-2187. Christine Zwerling is now the Manager, Executive Compensation and Equity for Salesforce. Mark Clem is a new Senior Relationship Manager for Charles Schwab.

Adding those three little letters... Check out the updated list of folks who have recently become a CEP (SOS's own Priyendu Bhardwaj is one of them!) Congrats, to all!

Baby fever... Bill Storey, CPA, of SOS and his wife, Tanya, are expecting a little girl in November. Big brother Jordan can't wait! Dan Schwab of Charles Schwab and his wife, Jen, are expecting their second baby this month and this time it's a boy. Their two year old daughter, Colette, couldn't be more excited to be a big sister!

Nothing cuter... Chris Bahue of SOS is a proud first time uncle to Joseph Simaan Person. Could he be any cuter in his SOS onesie? Moe Zohny of SOS is staying busy with this his 7 month old daughter, Zahra, look how cute she is! Andrea and Mike Esposito of Solium welcomed a baby boy, Joseph Bradley, on July 26, 2016 (8 days early!) weighing 8 lbs ,5 oz and was 20 inches long. He is doing very well and so are mom and dad!

Dog Days... Leah Lane of SOS and active member of Dogs Scouts of America, was interviewed by NBC during the Clear the Shelters Adoption Weekend where she discussed the adoptable pets and shared some of her dogs different behaviors they learned to pass their DSA tests.

Sending postcards... Sorrell Johnson of SOS and her dad, uncle, aunt and cousin (Jacobin Zorin), travelled to England and Scotland in late May/early June. After spending 3 days in London, they took the overnight sleeper train to Edinburgh and toured the highlands of Scotland and Edinburgh. In this picture, she and her uncle are tasting 30-year-old whisky (scotch) on a distillery tour at Dewar's in Aberfeldy, Scotland. Shawna Casey of SOS and her husband, Branden, took their kids, Cole & Chloe to Disneyland for the first time over the summer. What a memorable trip during Disney's 60th Anniversary Celebration!

Wedding bells... Sarah Roberts of SOS and her husband, Lee, celebrated the marriage of their daughter, Carrie, to Christian Mueller on June 18th, 2016 in Washington, DC. See the great family photo.

Industry News... Find out who is on the GEO Board of Directors. The 24th Annual NASPP Conference in Houston in October is shaping up to be a great event! The NASPP has some exciting new things planned for this year, including remarks from the former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, the unveiling of the new NASPP website, a Meet the Speaker lunch, and much more! Miss it and you'll be sorry!

SOS's new team members:
Oliver Barraza
Mohamed Zohny

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