May 29, 2018 Tim Nguyen


Outsourcing is defined as the contracting out of a business process. The term "outsourcing", as we have learned, can mean something very different from one company to another; though the idea might be the same, the model varies significantly. The decision of determining if outsourcing is right for your company can be difficult since passing off any level of work to a third party comes with its own risks.

In this SOS Educational Webcast we will delve into:

  • Different types of co-sourcing/outsourcing models in the industry
  • What helps to make a decision on outsourcing (pros/cons)
  • How to work with your vendor(s) in preparing:
    • Employee communications
    • Management planning
    • Problem resolution
    • Financial reporting
  • Best practices for administrative challenges and frequently asked questions

Join our expert panel in this discussion that will leave you with more answers and a clearer picture on how outsourcing can work best for YOU.

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