May 29, 2018 Tim Nguyen


6039 compliance was nerve-wracking in 2010, but almost routine in 2011. Now, as the IRS begins to catch up with the multitude of early errors that were made, the end of 2016 is a good time to ask, “Is my 6039 compliance in good hands?” In this SOS Solutions webcast, members of our experienced and elite 6039 outsourcing team will discuss HOW SOS ensures the integrity and timeliness of client filings and participant mailings. 6039 certainty now will give you a peaceful mind in the New Year.

Join us in this solutions webcast that will cover:

  • An overview of the regulation (for the 6039 newbies, but a good refresher course for everyone)
  • The SOS 6039 outsourcing process and safeguards
  • Common data issues, and the audits we use to catch them
  • Preemptive actions our clients can take to ensure data accuracy
  • SOS added value for 6039
  • Lessons learned

SOS solutions for electronic delivery of 6039 statements

6039 compliance can seem easy. In this webcast, SOS will show you how we make sure it is both easy and right.

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