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Temporary Stock Plan Staffing

The job of managing your equity compensation never stops, even when you are left short-handed. With SOS temporary staffing, you have an easy answer to the question of “What am I going to do now?” We offer a high level equity compensation expertise for a full range of company types, and do it for companies across the United States. If you need long-term help, we do that too. A few of our clients have employed SOS staff for multiple years! Unlike traditional staffing firms, our people are employees of SOS who have undergone an extensive interview, skills assessment, and background check process. When you call us, we are ready to go. 

Permanent Placement

If you need to fill an open position, it's important that you find the right individual as quickly as possible.  But it can be difficult and a quick decision can lead to the wrong hire. On average companies receive 250 resumes from a job board posting. Of these candidates, four to six will be called for an interview.  There is no reason you should waste your time weeding through stacks of resumes from job seekers who don’t meet your requirements. Our candidates have already been pre-screened through extensive rounds of interviews, skills assessment, and background checks. We take the stress out of hiring your next stock plan professional. 

Equity Projects and Advisory Support

We all know the equity compensation world has countless moving parts that are ever-changing, and no one can be expected to stay on top of everything.  Sometimes you just need a set of expert eyes to review your processes, handle your peer volatility calculations, or a team to help roll out an ESPP. 

We are those eyes.  We are that team.  SOS is known for our equity compensation experts.  We provide advisory guidance, accounting, systems, and compliance expertise. You name it, we've done it.  The combination of our experience and data expertise with vast industry technology knowledge allows our team to deliver solutions in any stock plan environment.

Our goal is simple.  We want to improve the accuracy and efficiency across all areas of your equity plans.  Take a look at the types of projects and support our Professional Resources team offers.  

Product Spotlight

Volatility Calculator Application

The Stock & Option Solutions Volatility Calculator provides a detailed auditable volatility calculation in just a few minutes, enabling our clients to free up valuable time at month, quarter, or year end close. See how it works and receive a sample calculation.

ESPP Expensing Edge

ESPP Expensing Edge from SOS serves as a complement to your equity system; you exchange the spreadsheets for a solution managed entirely by our equity accounting experts, utilizing an application custom developed to make ESPP expensing easy.

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