August 1, 2017 Tim Nguyen

Stock & Option Solutions

Stock & Option Solutions Hosts SOS Educational Webcast: RSU Base Camp—Your Staging Area for the Climb Ahead

August 1, 2017

The Ins and Outs of Restricted Stock Units for Members of the Equity Field

CAMPBELL, Calif. - August 1, 2017 -Stock & Option Solutions (SOS), a leading provider of stock plan outsourcing, temporary staffing and professional services, today announced their upcoming webcast, "RSU Base Camp—Your Staging Area for the Climb Ahead" is scheduled for August 31st, 2017 at 11am PDT.

Tim McCleskey from Stock & Option Solutions and Carrie Kovac from E*TRADE Financial Services will take you back to the basics with this presentation designed to help those who might be new to the Equity field, those who interact with stock administrators, or those who just need to get a refresher on these popular equity vehicles.

RSUs are among the most widely used types of grants right now, and knowing what is involved, who is affected, and what to plan for can help you conquer many of the mountains in your day-to-day equity climbs, all from the comfort of your office or cubicle.

McCleskey states, "Restricted Stock Units are everywhere these days, providing companies with a pretty simple way of rewarding employees and engaging them in the performance of the company at the same time. Whether you're in HR, Payroll, Tax, Accounting, or Stock Administration, you will be interacting with other departments and probably even other employees about these RSUs, and it will help you to know how they impact everyone. Carrie and I will be bringing you back to the basics, so that you can be equipped for your next grant, vesting, or even an employee question!"

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