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SOS Announces New ESPP Expense Application

September 27, 2016



Stock & Option Solutions Announces New ESPP Expense Application


ESPP expensing can now be done easily with the new SOS ESPP Expensing Edge Application.


Campbell, California, September 27, 2016 - Stock & Option Solutions (SOS), a leading provider of stock plan administration, management and consulting services, today introduced an application that significantly saves time without the use of endless spreadsheets, making ESPP expensing easier than ever before.


"I’m excited to begin migrating our current ESPP expense clients to this new application.  It will provide a more standardized process and reduce manual entry and computations”, says Julie Kenia, Senior Equity Compensation Consultant at SOS.

Manual accounting for ESPPs has been the time consuming, detail monitoring experience of the past. The SOS ESPP Expensing Edge Application is changing the way you manage these plans. This application coupled with the expertise of SOS’s experienced consultants, serve as a complement to the current equity system in place. Without the difficult, inflexible spreadsheets, ESPP expensing can be done effortlessly and without dedicating countless hours to complete this task.

“Accounting for ESPP has always been a huge issue for our clients, who have been forced to rely on error-prone spreadsheets and cobbled together solutions to get through it every quarter.  We are really excited to get out there and let people know that there is finally a better way to handle it”, said Scott McDonald, Director, Sales & Marketing at SOS.

For more details, please contact Shawna Casey at or 408-979-8700.

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