April 13, 2017 Tim Nguyen

Stock & Option Solutions

Stock & Option Solutions Hosts SOS Educational Webcast:The Whole Enchilada: Accounting for PSUs from Top to Bottom

April 13, 2017

Navigating through the process of accounting for Performance Share Units


CAMPBELL, Calif. - April 13, 2017 -Stock & Option Solutions (SOS), a leading provider of stock plan outsourcing, temporary staffing and professional services, today announced their upcoming webcast, "The Whole Enchilada: Accounting for PSUs from Top to Bottom" is scheduled for April 25th, 2017 at 11am PT.

Elizabeth Dodge from Equity Plan Solutions, Michael Esposito from Solium, and Bill Storey from Stock & Option Solutions will walk you through the entire process of accounting for PSUs: from fair values to attribution (regular and spicy - delayed service inceptions, reverse FIN 28, and time-based vesting after goal achievement), forfeiture rates, application and true up, to tax accounting (even the impact of 162(m)), diluted EPS (when to include/exclude and other FAQs) and even disclosure reporting under ASC 718.Storey states, "Accounting for Performance Share Units or PSUs can be quite tricky. The accounting treatment is different for PSUs with performance conditions (company/individual specific metrics/milestones) and PSUs with market conditions (stock price/total shareholder return metrics). I'm looking forward to discussing this topic with Elizabeth and Michael and providing insight to those attending the webcast or catching a replay of the webcast down the road."For more details on Aspirations, please contact Shawna Casey at scasey@sos-team.com or 408-979-8700.

SOS is a leading stock administration staffing, consulting and outsourcing firm within the equity compensation marketplace.  SOS provides temporary stock plan staffingexpert project resources, and total outsourcing solutions. To learn more you can visit us online at http://www.sos-team.com or call us at 888-SOS-0199.

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