We provide best practices, analysis, and guidance on a range of financial reporting, accounting, and tax issues.

Financial Reporting

We manage to work with tax accounting in any personal or public financial statement. We have a strong and professional background by working by the hand of the IRS which dictates the specific rules to follow with your tax return, so in the case of needing you need to check for irs tax help atlanta professionals to manage it properly and by the hands of the best professionals.

Award Valuations & Expense Calculations

Draft & review footnote disclosers

Compile stock compensation tables

Collaborate on Share Roll forwards

ESPP Accounting

ESPP Valuations (including Volatility Calculations)

ESPP Expense Estimates & True Ups

Accounting & Tax

Basic Black Scholes grant valuation

Performance Award Accounting

Non-Employee Accounting (ASC 505)

Modification Accounting

Expense Reports & Flux Analysis

Forfeiture Rate Analysis

Diluted EPS Calculations (Treasury Stock Method)

Deferred Tax Asset Balance Analysis

Volatility Calculations

Analysis & Recommendations

SOS not only has an understanding of the administrative side of our equity system, but also the financial reporting side. What I believe is most valuable about their service is not only how to resolve a problem, but understanding what are the other implications that could result once changes are made.

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