The SOS DTA Balance Proof Application

Get your time back using SOS's DTA Balance Application. Tasks that would previously take experienced stock plan administrators hours to complete, can now be done in minutes! 

Get your time back using SOS's DTA Balance Application

Have you ever gotten this question from your tax or accounting team: “Can you give me the cumulative/life to date amount of expense booked for all the currently outstanding stock options?” If not, start getting ready for it since it’s coming up for more and more and more SOS clients. This is the tax accountant’s way of asking for the data they need to “prove out” or “validate” the Deferred Tax Asset (DTA) balance related to equity in your General Ledger. 

Most systems don’t have a report that readily provides this number, but it IS something you can do in a spreadsheet (and sometimes in a custom report), generally bringing in data from two to three standard system reports. Let SOS help you with your DTA Balance.

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